If I Gave You Back 20 Hours a Week...
What Would You Do With Them?
Get your Hands Free “Client Catching” Sales System Roadmap
Focus on the things that you enjoy doing and let a system handle the rest of it for you!
  • Free up 10-20 hours per person, per week of previously wasted time  
  • ​Increase your sales and profits 
  • Don’t spend a penny more on advertising or lead generation. 
This is the Roadmap For Those Who Don’t Have Time To Sell
Discover How to Automate:
  • How you attract, nurture and qualify new leads
  • How you book and prepare people for sales calls and meetings 
  • How you create a waterfall of referrals
All set up so that you do less ‘selling’...
Yet you land more clients!
Meet Adam
Adam King is “The Captain” at Think Like a Fish Digital. 

He is a Certified Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft Partner, with over 14 years of experience “fishing in the marketing waters”. 

Today his passion is helping businesses to grow while freeing up time and resources with sales automation systems that produce a quantifiable ROI.
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